As November approaches, the commercials on MTV about the EMA's increases.

Although, the concept is interesting (recognize the best European music artists), as long as the awards have existed (1994), the event has only been an excuse to give awards to American acts outside the US.

Yes, I get that much of the music that we listen comes form the US, but it is not all. I am sure that it must be plenty of artists in Europe that are as famous there as Beyonce or Beiber and it's a shame that they are not recognized as they should be.

It upsets me that they (MTV executives) use the show as an excuse to award the same people over an over again (MTV Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, etc., etc. Music Awards) instead of try to promote the regional acts.

Don't believe me? Just go to wikipedia and type any of the MTV awards outside the US (Latin America is an exception, it might be more), look at the categories, the nominates, and who won them. Yes, the winners are chosen by the votes of the viewers, but since the all nominates (most of them American) have been already chosen by the company and the most important awards (best female video, male video, video of the year, etc.) are all dedicated to American artists, it just make the whole show an allegory to the greatness of the American artists, which for me, it is quite tiresome. 

But then, it might be only me.
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Starting this.

 Instead of working on my dissertation I've decided to start writing this journal as a memoir of my lack of interest.

I actually didn't know about LiveJournal (Shocker, I know) although I read Oh no they didn't everyday, several times a day (yet another way to waste my time).

So, today as I was reading a glee post, I wanted to post something and it was then when I found out that I have to have a LJ account to be able to do so. When I finally got one, I discovered that I actually have to be a member of the Oh no they didn't community to post, so, boner, I failed again.
Anyway, as late becomes later, I've done for today, and as a way to not feel sad about not being able to share what I wanted on that glee post, I've decided to put it here, so here it is:

I liked most of the episode (especially Santana/Brittany), except for the part where Rachel and Finn have to find a way to lose the competition because they're just too perfect together and cannot lose anything at least they do it on purpose(Although Finn somehow always sounds autotuned even though he's singing "live").
Also, I thing I am the only one (or one of the few) that really don't like Sam (yes, he has an amazing bod, great lips and sings ok) and honestly I don't know why (maybe because he gives me the "I am too straight for words" vibe and at the same time I feel it fake), but I don't really see him with Kurt and I hope they don't end up together.
Finally, It needs more Mercedes/Artie/Brittany/Kurt/Quinn/Tina/Sue/Santana/etc. (i.e everyone except Rachel/Finn/Schu)

Good thing that nobody is reading this hahaha.
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